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~ Monday Chill ~

Time to leave the weekend in its place, pack my things, and return home

I met someone

I’m feelin’em 

A weekend well spent slacking, chattin , And just being chill asf

Hm. Kinda hate to leave, but love whats to come

Stay Dope. 

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Beard: No.Match ○ No Mission Beard

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Tattoo: PMS ○ DarkDays

Top: AITOMO ○ Jacket Compos

Jeans: AMITOMO ○ DailyLook Leather Shorts *Gacha item*

Shoes: .::ILLI::. ○ Slink Gustav Sandals

Glasses: .Reckless. ○ Stray Glasses -Clear-

Hat: [BUC] ○ Bluprnt Buckethat *Limited Edition*

Back: [BodyFactory] ○ BF Backpack *Groupgift*



~ OOTD ~ Ridin’

“Tell’em when we do it, We only do it big” -A$AP Rocky

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Glasses: Amerie ○ Boston Frame Glasses

Cig: [NikotiN] ○ Cigarillo Filler

Hair: AerosAvatars

Beard: No.Match ○ No Mission Beard

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Necklaces: Legal Insanity ○ Biker Necklace

Hand: [Kunst] ○ Copper Wire Ring

Outfit:  E-Clipse ○ Jamil M v3

Shoes: .::ILLI::. ○ Slink Hugo Sandals


“Close your eyes, And I’ll close mine.” -Day Wave

Hair: *Drot* ○ Kenny

Skin & Beard: Aeros Avatars

Tattoo: SpeakeasyReverie Tattoo


Hands & Feet: SlinkSlink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat & Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

Accessories & Clothing

Pants: XYbodYTokyo Leather Chinos

Cellphone: Kunst ○ KPhone 3C/ Wood

Headband: Lazybones ○ FlowerCrown

Shoes: :ILLI: ○ Tony Shoes

Bag: RemarkableOblivion ○ Messenger Bag