Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Skin: Aeros Avatars


Top: Deadwool ○ Ernst sweater

Bottom: [Pumpkin] ○ Black Jeans Joggers


Hair: [taketomi] ○ Juro_Bento


Head: Modulus ○ Visor

Hair: HOMAGE ○  Frenchie

Neck: KENVIE ○ Diamond Triangle Arrow Necklace

Bottom: ::GABRIEL:: ○ Easy denim pants

Shoes: :: GABRIEL:: ○ Nubuck leather boots


Hair: [taketomi] ○ Bobby

Top: {Vexiin} ○ Max

Bottom: //Ascend// ○ Redfoo Jeans Shorts

Shoes: [Deadwool] ○ Strider boots


The Coldest Winter


Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ ○ Rox Ears 0.2

Eyes ○ .ARISE. ○ Beena Eyes *The Chapter Four event*

Neck ○ *MOH8 event* ○ Mens Dept ○ Winter is coming -Scarf

Top: Sleepy Eddy ○ Duffle Coat *TMD event*

Pants: !Grandeur! ○ Black Jeans Joggers

Shoes: [ Versov ] ○ Blendov Boots *TMD event*

Hat/Hair: DOUX ○ Uncombed Hairstyle *TMD event*

~ Monday Chill ~

Time to leave the weekend in its place, pack my things, and return home

I met someone

I’m feelin’em 

A weekend well spent slacking, chattin , And just being chill asf

Hm. Kinda hate to leave, but love whats to come

Stay Dope. 

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Beard: No.Match ○ No Mission Beard

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Tattoo: PMS ○ DarkDays

Top: AITOMO ○ Jacket Compos

Jeans: AMITOMO ○ DailyLook Leather Shorts *Gacha item*

Shoes: .::ILLI::. ○ Slink Gustav Sandals

Glasses: .Reckless. ○ Stray Glasses -Clear-

Hat: [BUC] ○ Bluprnt Buckethat *Limited Edition*

Back: [BodyFactory] ○ BF Backpack *Groupgift*


~ Merry Go ‘Round ~

“Same hurt in every heart. Same trailer, different park.” -K.M

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Cig: [NikotiN] ○ Cigarillo Filler

Hair: AerosAvatars

Beard: No.Match ○ No Mission Beard

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Tattoo: .Identity. ○ Deep Down

Top: [Excellence] ○ Jacket Compos

Jeans: Seul Garcon ○ Vintage Ripped Denim


~ OOTD ~ Ridin’

“Tell’em when we do it, We only do it big” -A$AP Rocky

Mesh Body: ADAM Male Mesh Body

Glasses: Amerie ○ Boston Frame Glasses

Cig: [NikotiN] ○ Cigarillo Filler

Hair: AerosAvatars

Beard: No.Match ○ No Mission Beard

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Necklaces: Legal Insanity ○ Biker Necklace

Hand: [Kunst] ○ Copper Wire Ring

Outfit:  E-Clipse ○ Jamil M v3

Shoes: .::ILLI::. ○ Slink Hugo Sandals

! 6 Days left of SWANK !

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SWANK is a monthly fashion event bringing together a select group of designers with themed releases. They bring you the hottest new designs from SL that are exclusive to this event. For both Men and Women.

Over 100 Designers with Everything Exclusive, great quality and brands at an amazing value.

This place is HUGE. With some great affordable stuff. Always nice when us men are considered. So go ahead, Checkem out and add them to your monthly lookouts!

In addition a variety of options, They also have the SL Gofund me option inworld to support those affected by the events in Orland0 at PULSE.

Checkem out inworld!: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manatoba/188/11/2002

Follow them here:



~ ADAM mesh Body ~




**ADAM Mesh Head not included, And sold separately**
Price Tag ○ 2950L
Creator ○ Absolut Creations
Version apon review & Endosement ○  v1.4
Included ○ ADAM mesh body, Hands, And feet *Fitmesh*… Jacket, Shorts, Pants, & Shoes
Skins tones included ○ 2 types with 11 colors each (22 in all, 11 hairy & 11 smooth)
Color editing of both nails & toenails along with RGB skin shade matching.


Features as advertised

○ 8 hand poses right & left

○150+ Alphas

○10 Alpha Presets

○Save 50 alpha presets

○Layer skin, tattoo, and fashion

○6 Neck sizes

○Color option & Specular (I’m down for a wet body on command!)

○Slink SHOES compatibility

On the Skin tab you can :
– Change your skin texture
– Change the texture of the neck-joint
– Change the color fo your skin, nails, toenails, neck-joint
– You can save your preset color
– Change your specular (if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preference)
– And your have some preset texture for your nails and toenails.

On the Alpha tab you can :
– Remove many part of the body (for wear more easily mesh fashion)
– Save 50 of your favorites alpha preset

On the Layer tab you can :
– active any layer -Tattoo -Fashion “completely or part per part”.
– Switch your layer Masking or blending For debug overlay layer transparency (working only if layer is On)
– Clear your layer
– Reback your texture if you have any problem of texture blurring


for a good result, if you put a layer OFF, Make sure to put this layer in masking mode! like this your have not bug with other layer transparency.




Omega -Relay Hud- ○ Yes!  (texturizing)  -> More details here <-
Slink Compatibility with hands or feet? ○ No!

 *(Pros & Cons are noted from, and in total agreeance with MBA)*


  • I love the shape of this body – the muscle sliders react really well to it, so you can very easily vary from ‘normal guy’ to ‘muscle guy’ just with the sliders.
  • The body fits standard mesh really well, I barely adjusted my shape at all (I was wearing the shape that came with it). Really good for pants especially.
  • I didn’t experience any warping at higher slider numbers, which is awesome. Often if a body is less muscular, it looks odd at higher slider levels, but Adam bulks up really well which is great.
  • This one I think guys will love – he comes with everything attached. No playing with hands/feet addons, he works right out of the box. I know with Slink a lot of guys had trouble navigating the right settings for the hands/feet, so you’ll love this guys. He also has 8 hand poses (INCLUDING flipping the bird!!)
  • He’s Omega compatible! Great for applier items and some skins – just make sure you demo appliers, as noted below I noticed a few issues on some skins.


  • There seems to be a bit of an issue with Omega applier skin and the nipples on the body – though it’s not a major issue, Adam’s chest is so  beautifully sculpted that in some cases the nipples look too far apart/almost on the side a bit. As always though, I recommend using official Adam appliers to make sure everything sits in the right spots!

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○ Absolut Blog ○

○ Absolut inworld store ○

○ Absolut Flickr Group ○

○Final Thoughts○

I’m really picky on mesh bodies, and the overall originality of my avatar. I never wanted to stray too far into “Cartoonish, muscular”. I also didn’t want to be too skinny either. Size matters. For those two reasons I strayed away from TMP (The shops! The Mesh Project)  & Slink male mesh body. It’s because I’m so into the overall look and vibe, The ADAM mesh body has literally won me over. It doesn’t get all weird and wonky with the sliders, and really fits the original default avatar body very well. When I compared (had both bodies on without an alpha) I noticed it was just a well etched version of the Secondlife body. With enough customization and flawless adjustments that I can create what I want. Without sacrificing having an ass (haha yes I’m an ass man), Being overtly defined or curvy, unless I went out of my way to make it so.

I’ve tried both TMP and Slink male mesh bodies, and while they were nice, they just weren’t in the right direction with me. The problem with TMP was just the curvyness and lack of a proportionate viable ass. Nothing distinct. As where SLink came in, and theirs was the complete opposite. From the get-go you get the feeling of distinction, but…It was just really basic. Not too much room for weight. Reminded me of the new avatar bodies from LindenLab that were released for newcomers to Secondlife. Again, not dissing them, but It just wasn’t fit for me.

Aesthetic Male Body is too huge, And there’s another by Nicotine I haven’t checked out yet, but judging from it, its above ADAM muscular wise but below Aesthetic in that same fashion. I wont link to those male mesh bodies, simply because this one is to rave about ADAM respectively haha.

With the clothing options that are included with this body, and the others that are offered from the creator themselves, ADAM Mesh Body is quite impressive. And quite beautiful in all the right spots with a fine detail for realness and likeliness.

I don’t think I’ll ever turn the ‘wet look’ (spectacular) down hahaha.

This body is definitely a game changer, And the best of the bodies I’ve seen in SL.


-Seth Motosuwa

~ Date Night ~


Mesh Body: Absolut Creation ○ ADAM Mesh Body

Hair: [Taketomi] ○ Shin Bento & Aeros Avatars ○ Javier Hairbase

Beard: Aeros Avatars ○ Opium Beard /  *Drot* ○ Stache  *Men Only Hunt*

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Stretched ears ‘Omimi’

Top: Addams ○ Leather Jacket w/Hoodie & Shirt

Jeans: Seul Garcon ○ Vintage Ripped Denim

Shoes: -David Heather- ○ Ovay Oxfords


~ OOTD ~ 酸素

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

Hair: [INK]UN Deus Trois **The Arcade Gacha Event**

Beard: Aeros Avatars ○ Beard Raul  /  Mustache ‘Pornstar’ & Unorthodox ○ Groomed ‘3’

Tattoo: .Reckless. ○ Tribunal  **Group Gift

Ears: [MANDALA]Unisex Steking ears ‘ver 4’

Necklaces: Legal Insanity ○ Bone Choker & Kenvie ○ Diamond triangle arrow necklace

Hand: [CerberusXing] ○ Hayop (Gold)

Jacket:  ::GB:: ○ Off shoulder Leather Jacket

Shorts: Leijin ○ Panel Leather Shorts

Boots: R3VOLT ○ Dakota Boots


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